All AMC’s are the same… Until now.

AQPM is the ONLY solution that makes it possible to improve turntimes and quality. We can prove it.

AppraisalQPM is a cloud-based solution to appraiser selection and appraisal management.

With AppraisalQPM, you gain insight into performance and quality data for AMCs and Appraisers.  A dashboard view of the real-time data works to optimize Appraiser and AMC selection like never before.  By using AppraisalQPM, AMC’s can select the best qualified appraiser for every assignment, every time. Lenders are able to visually access data that can help them make better decisions for appraisal allocation and easily manage third party vendors.

Selecting the Best Appraiser – EVERY Time.

FINALLY, we have the tools to properly measure and track appraiser quality and performance, and assign requests based on THOSE SCORES. Scores that are based on real data, rather than anecdotal data or our feelings about an appraiser or anything else that doesn’t have anything to do with getting the best possible results for our lender clients.

AQPM Score

For the first time ever, we are able to drill down by state, county and form level to view the best Appraiser for the assignment with our innovative learning algorithm. Each appraisal order is scored from start to finish and aggregated at an appraiser and AMC level. In turn, you’re able to choose the best Appraiser or AMC for the job in a matter of minutes.

How Quality and Performance Affect Cost

On average, lenders spend $32.61 per appraisal order. With AppraisalQPM, you can expect a 25% improvement in annual quality and performance costs. For most ACMs, saving 25% annually will result in big returns, all for just $5 per order when you use our state of the art software!

Reduce Turn Times and Underwriting Conditions

When you choose an Appraiser or AMC based on our scoring system, you could potentially reduce turn times by up to 3 days and improve underwriting conditions by 25%. We rate each Appraiser and AMC on a scale of 0 to 100, and factor in real time data to determine their quality, performance, and cost, giving you an accurate idea of what to expect. from any given company. When you choose an Appraiser or AMC with a higher score, you can expect better service and a faster turnaround time.

Quickly Identify Your Top Performing AMCs.

For many lenders, managing multiple third party vendors can be an administrative and compliance headache. Before AppraisalQPM, lenders did not have a way to effectively compare AMC performance. By using the real data in AppraisalQPM, lenders can now track performance and quality provided by their AMCs and therefore have been able to significantly reduce the number of AMCs they work with which in turn has reduced their risk. Lenders are no longer basing decisions off of anecdotal data and hearsay. Start putting the data to work for you. Make better decisions and control your results.

Improve Appraisal Quality.

Before AppraisalQPM, finding the perfect Appraiser or AMC, one that will get the job done fast and provide a quality report, was almost impossible. But, with our unique algorithm, we can track revisions requests from the AMC as well as Underwriting Conditions and CU scores and update scores in real time. AQPM provides quick access to the best Appraiser or AMC in the market for any given assignment. Quality starts with Appraiser selection. Start trusting in your appraisal reports by selecting the best!

Improve Turn Times. 

With AQPM, you can quickly narrow down your options to find the best Appraisers or AMCs in any market. Our performance and quality scores are constantly updated with new data at state, county and form levels, so you know you’re always seeing the complete picture. Compare your Appraisers or AMCs to market data. Use the turn time data to communicate realistic turn time expectations with your borrowers and agents at a county and form level. Are your turn times where they need to be? They can be with AppraisalQPM.

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