Who’s Your Best AMC?

Gain a competitive advantage
by reducing turn times and
improving quality and reliability


AMC Evaluation

AMCs can give you a competitive advantage.
Get the data and analytics necessary to accurately assess quality and performance and comply with regulatory guidelines

AppraisalQPM’s Machine learning algorithm will select the best AMC and/or Appraiser for every order.

Your current system helps you place the order. AQPM was built to enhance the value of your existing systems by telling you the best AMC for the job based on quality, reliability, turn times, performance cost and score. Automate the AMC selection process and make informed decisions today!

Reduce Cost

Reduce the cost of managing multiple AMCs. Managing multiple AMCs (and/or Appraisers) requires internal resources. Use AQPM to automate and standardize AMC quality and performance tracking.

Reduce Risk

Ensure compliance with agency guidelines related to AMC/Appraiser selection. Use AQPM to monitor AMC compliance and adherence to service level agreements.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Track and measure every aspect of the appraisal process. Know how much an underwriting condition costs you or a late appraisal report impacts your business. Use AQPM to track, measure, and improve operations.

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