Choose the BEST appraiser every time!

Enter your property address, loan type and form, and the system will give you the best appraiser in that market and the date you can expect your appraisal to be complete. Loans close quickly thanks to the high quality performance with fewer underwriting conditions.

Based on objective performance analytics, you can choose the appraiser that will get you better turn times with fewer underwriting conditions. Gain market share with your lender clients by working with the best appraisers every time.


How It Works

Enhance the value of your existing systems with AppraisalQPM’s machine learning algorithm for
Appraiser Selection and fully automate your decisions

Analytics at the push of a button help maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines. AppraisalQPM makes it easy for you to streamline and standardize performance evaluation, quantitatively select the best appraiser, and stay compliant.

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